5 Best Wedding Cinematography Shots in Dubai

A wedding in Dubai is something that most people only envisage in their dreams, so making sure that the magic of the day is captured and wrapped in to a perfect parcel of memories that you can keep forever is fundamental.  With TRB cinematography services stretching across the globe, we are no stranger to working in lavish, scenic and breath taking locations abroad.

Everyone knows that the catalyst of an enchanting wedding day is the picturesque surroundings that hypnotise the couple and guests in to a fairy-tail like pretence. At TRB, we’ve compiled a list of our most loved Dubai wedding cinematography shots for the perfect overseas wedding.

Setting The Scene

As the perfect introduction to any cinematography project, we love to set the scene to capture the feelings of the couple and guests. One of our favourite shots is trapping the beauty of the bride and groom amongst the splendour of the exotic surroundings; with the wind whistling through their hair and the glamorous palm trees swaying as they approach their wedding venue fashioning a radiant sun kissed glow.

Capturing The Surroundings

To procure the memory of the lavish, cloudless dream world that you have the joy of hosting your special day in, we take great joy in providing skilled, smooth shots of the clear blue skies. With careful detail taken into capturing the blue skies ahead, we like to include shots of aeroplanes soaring by to create an exclusive summer feel.

Getting The Party Started

To capture the exclusivity of our events in Dubai, we love to gather sophisticated busy shots of our couples and guests. Broadcasting an almost ‘VIP’ vibe, we like to surround the camera to reflect the awe of just how many people are coming together to celebrate.

Captivating The Magic

Draped in the sunny surroundings and captivated by the beautiful blue skies, laying hold of the intimacy of your event is something that is important to us; that’s why we like to include slow motion, personal shots of your guests smiling and enjoying their day so that your wedding video forms the basis of happy memories for all that attended.

Party in Full Swing

With Dubai being known for its extravagant party atmosphere, we love to show the wedding after party in full swing. From guests dancing to the secluded shots of the couple as they relish in their newlywed status, we know how to capture the liveliness and fun of the event so that our couples can reminisce the happiness and laughter of their day for years to come.

If you’ve always dreamt of a wedding in the sun, be sure to contact The Real Bride for the best Asian wedding cinematography so you can create a one of kind keepsake of your dream wedding.