Our Work With The Best London Wedding Venues

At The Real Bride, we pride ourselves on our second to none DJ services; with each of our DJ’s having unique mixing styles. At TRB, we’re no strangers to a good party or two, having performed to crowds of over 500,000. Partnering with a variety of different venues, our aim is to provide you with the upmost enthusiasm for a one of a kind wedding to remember.

Our partnership with the prestigious wedding venue, 8 Northumberland Avenue, has allowed us to provide our clients with an authentic and extravagant Asian wedding experience, encapsulating a sophisticated and traditional Indian feel to events with us, crafting one of the finest Asian wedding venues in London.

The leading London wedding venue, 8 Northumberland avenue, driven by their Victorian architecture and cutting edge technology, hold a well-loved and recognised reputation, with excellent transport links from all directions to ensure that all guests arrive and depart with ease. From high tech conferences and luxurious receptions to successful exhibitions, their limits have no bounds, they can even accommodate up to 1000 guests.

TRB and 8 Northumberland Avenue

Aligned with the magical atmosphere provided by 8 Northumberland Avenue, our wedding DJ services provide an enthusiastic and magical experience for all who have the pleasure of hosting their big day with us.

Dedicated to providing a magnificent and memorable experience to each and every one of our clients, we highly recommend 8 Northumberland Avenue as a venue provider. Offering packages tailored for all budgets and requirements in order to reflect the couple and their family, is part of the personal touch that 8 Northumberland Avenue pride themselves on.

Going above and beyond

Northumberland Avenue go above to exceed expectations and create the ultimate ‘wow’ moment. Events we host with 8 Northumberland Avenue embrace a one-of-a kind ethos, with the aim to push the boundaries to create a flawless and memorable day for our clients to cherish dear in their hearts.

Working with 8 Northumberland Avenue allows us to provide you with a limitless and breath-taking experience. They have an incredibly accommodating approach to business, toying with technological advancements to enhance the beauty of their events.

Some of their most highly acclaimed, satisfied customers include Lloyds bank, Sky and SpecSavers; who rely on them countlessly for impeccable events.

Working with 8 Northumberland Avenue is never just about the venue, with careful consideration to the requirements of each individual event, including plentiful room and decoration options, events we hold with Northumberland Avenue are envisioned to create remarkable and unforgettable recollections.

Combine your wedding at 8 Northumberland Avenue with music and award winning wedding cinematography from The Real Bride and have every moment of your special day covered.