Welcome to The Real Bride


Welcome to The Real Bride!

Yes, from the name, you have guessed it… Its all about real brides.

My name is Raj, and I’ve been a profession makeup artist for over 11 years, starting my career at MAC Cosmetics. Having dedicated my full attention and time to brides, the question I am most frequently asked is: Do you have any images of real brides?’

This question soon made me realize that all the time, money and effort I was spending on photoshoots with models wasn’t actually what brides wanted to see. I began to think that the trend of using models to showcase a bridal look had completely lost its relevance, if my clients were having to ask me if I could show them pictures of real-life brides. Airbrushed photographs in magazines have actually put brides in a situation where they don’t know if the image is the result of a skilful makeup artist or that of Adobe Photoshop! This is certainly the last thing I want my future brides to think for the first time they view my portfolio. It was then, that I knew I had to make a change.

What I thought would be a small change, turned into a whole new brand and that’s when I created The Real Bride.

My focus is showcasing all of my brides as my models, giving the reassurance to any bride-to-be that she will look picture perfect on her big day. In the image gallery, all of the pictures have been taken by myself on a normal camera to show the bride in her real life environment without any editing to the image. I have also created special video morphs which demonstrate the actual process of becoming a bride, to highlight how amazing you will look on film, as we all know that HD has taken over and any tiny flaw will show! I want my brides to feel at ease, knowing that even if they don’t book a trial, they don’t have to worry about any hidden secrets, as my work will speak for itself.

I didn’t just stop there..

I understand how little time every bride planning her wedding has, so I wanted to make this whole process stress free..the way it should be. Through the website, you are be able to view my prices, check my availablity and book your date… yes, it really is as simple as that! No more waiting around for email replies or call-backs, as you can find all the information you require within a few minutes. I understand that some brides like to speak to me beforehand, which you can still do, requesting a call-back by submitting your details on the contact page.

Im so excited to have finally launched The Real Bride, and cant wait to share it with you!

Raj @ TheRealBride xx